Shimmies Galore

Shimmies is the director of The Feral Showgirls and the goddess of glitter. She has enough sparkle to light up any room and will enchant you with her combination of sexy fun in all styles of performance. 


Rollinza Hay


Rollinza Hay began burlesque study recently as a more creative and expressive dance form, in addition to her professional dance training in other fields. She enjoys making the audience laugh, and surprising them with the unexpected. Rollinza Hay is known for her engaging stage presence and for her ability to interpret various characters with fun and vibrancy. She has studied with Peekaboo Pointe, Pleasant Gehman, Dirty Martini, Rachel Micheletti and others, and looks forward to being a continual student of more challenging and entertaining ways to express her creativity. 


Coko Galore


Honey LaBuzz

Honey LaBuzz performs in a wide variety of styles, including bellydance,  burlesque, and cabaret, and uses props that include veil, sword, finger cymbals, Isis wings, fan veil, cane, ribbon, flow flags, and more! Whether she’s being as sweet as honey or as sassy as a queen bee, Honey’s performances always create a buzz! 


Penny Laine

 Penny Laine is a magnetic and enchanting performer.  Her bright and bubbly style is sure to delight, combining many different disciplines of dance with creative and tantalizing costuming. 



From a young age, Draco has been a performer at heart in one form or another. Near the end of high school he started playing guitar and singing, and has rarely looked back. It wasn't until the last few years that he truly began to blossom, performing locally, both in bands and solo, and ultimately joining the Feral Showgirls after adding boylesque to his repertoire. 

Draco has comedy, charm, and tons of tiny underpants to spare.