Kitt Fatale

 The love of the stage brought Kitt Fatale back after many years and in a new dance style.  She is a former ballerina whose engaging elegance and sex appeal leaves you hot and on the edge of your seat.  Her character concepts, costume design and the bass in her music will bring you to your feet.  A Kitt Fatale performance is one you won't forget.   


Coko Galore

Coko Galore began her burlesque journey as a way of stepping out of the box and pushing her boundaries. Her main desire is to promote confidence, body positivity, and most of all to entertain. The perfect mixture of Sass and Class is what you get in every performance by Coko Galore.


Ursula Luna

Ursula Luna swung from a star and landed in a galaxy of glitter.  An avid admirer of burlesque since her teens, she took the plunge into performing in early 2018, making her debut with the illustrious Feral Showgirls.  Under the masterful mentorship of Rachel Micheletti, she combines her love of outer space, questionable humor, camp, and classic glamour to enrapture and elate.  She has had the privilege of workshopping with the renowned Jezebel Express and continues to further her showgirl education at every opportunity.  Sugar, spice, and your favorite vice – it’s Ursula Luna, the Siren from the Stars




Rachel is an award-winning dancer, performer, model, and cosplayer from Norfolk, Virginia. She is the owner of Hipnotic World Fitness Center in Chesapeake, the only burlesque and belly dance focused studio in the Hampton Roads area, the manager of Feral Showgirls, a traveling production company featuring performers of all types, from burlesque and boylesque to belly dance and beyond, and the lead singer of the award-winning band Rachel and the Jellycats. Through all of her performances, she hopes to give confidence to others so that they will take a chance and chase their dreams. 

Rachel is the goddess of glitter and leaves a trail of sparkle and glamour everywhere she goes.  

Trixie Robinson

Trixie began her performance experience in Circus Arts with a concentration in animal training and presentation. Trixie found a new creative outlet and began a series of spoken word performances that incorporated interpretative dance and then added puppetry to further her craft. She is the author of “The Adventures of Trixie Robinson” and “Trixie’s Unexpected Haiku”. She has travelled the world in search of lemurs and has held a snake charming apprenticeship. She spends her spare time creating eccentric assemblage art and playing her berimbeau. Trixie is a purveyor of glam and weird and sexy science!!


Jade Fatale

Since the age of 2 Jade has loved the spotlight. As a classically trained dancer, the stage is her home. Now as a burlesque baby, she's taking this gigantic leap into a genre. Jade is excited to see what the future holds. 


Dewmee Decimal

 Librarian by day, showgirl by night, Dewmee Decimal has met a lot of characters and seen a lot of action in her time in the stacks. Her bawdy and irreverent humor place her in a genre all her own. Shhh! It’s story time! 



Rollinza Hay

 Rollinza Hay began burlesque study recently as a more creative and expressive dance form, in addition to her professional dance training in other fields. She enjoys making the audience laugh, and surprising them with the unexpected. Rollinza Hay is known for her engaging stage presence and for her ability to interpret various characters with fun and vibrancy. She has studied with Peekaboo Pointe, Pleasant Gehman, Dirty Martini, Rachel Micheletti and others, and looks forward to being a continual student of more challenging and entertaining ways to express her creativity.  



 Orchid trained in various dance styles to include belly dance before her curious personality opened her to Burlesque. Orchid’s performances are unique, modern and unexpected. Her sensuality and kinky personality are guaranteed to make you ask for more…   


Honey LaBuzz

Known for her creativity, Honey LaBuzz always has something unique and unexpected to offer her audience. She loves to try new things, and has therefore accumulated an impressive collection of skills, including belly dance, burlesque, cabaret, and pole dance, and the use of numerous props such as veil, sword, fans, and much more. If you're looking for something as sweet as honey, come see what all the buzz is about!


Whiskey Licks

 Whiskey Licks is a featured background performer with the Feral Showgirls, adding a dash of burlesque comedy to shows. Always ready to don a silly costume or fabricate items out of foam, he greatly enjoys being used by fabulous women in their underwear as a prop or stage scenery. 


Penny Laine

 Penny Laine is a magnetic and enchanting performer.  Her bright and bubbly style is sure to delight, combining many different disciplines of dance with creative and tantalizing costuming. 



 From a young age, Draco has been a performer at heart in one form or another. Near the end of high school he started playing guitar and singing, and has rarely looked back. It wasn't until the last few years that he truly began to blossom, performing locally, both in bands and solo, and ultimately joining the Feral Showgirls after adding boylesque to his repertoire. 

From the absurd to the macabre, Draco strives to consistently think outside of the box to provide an experience the likes of which has never been seen. With his comedic charm, and tons of tiny underpants to spare, he'll leave you wondering what he'll be pulling out of his pants next.