Belly Dance


Honey LaBuzz

 Honey LaBuzz performs in a wide variety of styles, including bellydance,  burlesque, and cabaret, and uses props that include veil, sword, finger cymbals, Isis wings, fan veil, cane, ribbon, flow flags, and more! Whether she’s being as sweet as honey or as sassy as a queen bee, Honey’s performances always create a buzz! 




Chaaya was born in a small island in the indian ocean, La Reunion.   She started bellydancing 15 years ago and it became a passion. Her love for the music and appetite for different styles made her an eclectic dancer. She performs in tribal, steampunk and burlesque fusion as well as Bollywood.  Chaaya is also the assistant director of Wicked Hips USA (Troupe winner at East Coast Classic 2014) created and directed by Aela Badiana.







Gypsy is a professional bellydancer with an eclectic flair! Also bringing vintage go-go and pole dance to the stage, she is fond of diverse music and exotic costumes ! 



 Zuleika began Middle-Eastern dance in 2000 with instructor Chandani, and later became an award-winning student of Taaj Fi Qalbi, specializing in Egyptian cabaret raqs sharki. She is the winner of the Headliner category and People's Choice winner of the 2006 East Coast Classic Competition, which she later sponsored in 2008. She has traveled to Egypt to study Middle Eastern culture, language and dance with a lesson from instructor Raqia Hassan, and has taken numerous workshops with talented professionals such as Morocco, Princess Farhana, and currently with Rachel Micheletti. She is also a trained Latin dancer in salsa on two (mambo), as well as bachata, having studied with Jorjet Alcocer, Darlin Garcia, and Tanya Kianda Fiske. Zuleika has performed in numerous venues throughout Hampton Roads, as well as in Ohio and Tennessee, for over fifteen years, bringing an infectious stage presence and joie de vivre to her performances.