DJ Speakeasy

 DJ Speak Easy is known for his eclectic music playing style, which he enthusiastically refers to as, “DJ Speak Easy Plays 100 Songs in a row that you think you know all the words to.”  He is constantly expanding his musical library and always listening for the perfect place to play a new song he is excited for.  DJ Speak Easy is known for quickly responding to cues on the stage and knowing exactly what the best song to play next would be.  Although you will rarely see him outside of the DJ booth, and almost never on the stage, he is an integral part of almost all the Feral Showgirls performances.   



Meet Rachel, the lead singer of Rachel and JellyCats! A showgirl at heart, she loves all things glitzy, glamorous, and glittering. With a background in belly dance and burlesque, Rachel is no stranger to the stage. In fact, from a young age Rachel’s dream job had always been lounge singer, and she started honing her skills by singing along to her favorite artists and inspirations who include Amy Winehouse, Marvin Gaye, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Al Green, and Nina Simone. In 2017 Rachel began working as a vocalist along with the accompaniment of Jason Seas on guitar with her performing arts group The Feral Showgirls. Soon after, through a few chance encounters with some amazing musicians, Rachel and the JellyCats was born. Bringing soul, passion, showmanship—and of course a sequin gown or 2—to the stage, Rachel hopes to provide you with more than just an evening of music when you join her and her JellyCats for a show, she wants to give you an experience of old-fashioned opulence with modern swagger, all wrapped up sparkle.



 From a young age, Draco has been a performer at heart in one form or another. Near the end of high school he started playing guitar and singing, and has rarely looked back. It wasn't until the last few years that he truly began to blossom, performing locally, both in bands and solo, and ultimately joining the Feral Showgirls. 



 Jason is a multi-instrumentalist within the group providing musical accompaniment to the group’s performances, singers, and dancers on the guitar, bass, or mandolin. Prior to joining the Feral Showgirls, Jason performed with Rachel as part of a vocal-guitar duo for events at the Hipnotic Belly Dance studio and local open mic nights. One of these open mic nights led to meeting some fellow like-minded musicians and led to the formation of Rachel and the Jellycats, who at times performs with the Feral Showgirls. When he is not moonlighting as the guitarist for Rachel and the Jellycats, he may be found supporting a variety of acts within the Feral Showgirls as a human prop or background performer, more than likely wearing something glamorously absurd.